Contemporary architecture of Rijeka through the camera of David Šegić

A series of photographs Momentum displays selected examples of modern architecture in the city of Rijeka.

The selection exhibits a wide urban area: from the Astronomical Centre Rijeka and the Campus of the University of Rijeka’s east building to the central architectural object at Drenova city cemetery as well as the Islamic Centre and Zamet hall in the western part of the city. An interesting fact about these objects is that they were all built in a time span of just seven years, between 2007 and 2013, apparently a very fruitful time for Rijeka’s architecture. Their presence in the urban image of the city continues to inspire.

The selected buildings are monumental (with the exception of the Astronomical Centre) and they are emphasized by their surroundings not only in size and purpose but also in their shaping.

Their oddity and diverseness from the standard urban areas are highlighted even more by the selection of photographic motifs which focus on the alliance of light and shadow, light and materiality as well as details of the architectural form. Thus, the secret life of these public buildings is captured, depicting them as abandoned spaces in time. Moreover, they were photographed in the moments of vacancy, caught in the brief flash of suspenseful expectation of the return of their visitors.

Some of the objects are seldom visited by citizens resulting in photographs of empty interiors being seen as very atmospheric. Seemingly familiar locations are opened towards a new world by way of using a different camera view.

A certain surrealistic impression is achieved while the spaces in photographs fluctuate between interior games, scenography and reality. It’s as if they are telling us that a different city is possible.

Ana Orlić, exhibition curator


Astronomski centar | Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelje, 2009.
Zgrada odjela za informatiku, matematiku, fiziku i biotehnologiju, Kampus | Dario Gabrić, 2010.
Građevinski fakultet, Kampus | Olga Magaš, 2010.
Zgrada Filozofskog fakulteta, Kampus | Hildegard auf Franić, Tin Sven Franić, Vanja Rister, 2010.
Centralni objekt Gradskog groblja Drenova | Dinko Kovačić, 2007.
Islamski centar | Dušan Džamonja, Darko Vlahović, Branko Vučinović, 2013.
Dvorana Zamet | 3LHD, 2009.



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